Today’s a gift, that’s why they call it the present – or is it ?

I always used to love the say, today is a gift, that’s is why they call it the present. I now think differently, yes today is indeed a gift that is totally to be treasured but I think its called the present to remind us that is what we need to be.

I don’t dislike the first saying, feeling one more authentic than the other doesn’t mean that I have to choose but I love the idea that the very moment we need to be present is named just so!

The photo below was a great example, as photos often are. It was Christmas, we had somewhere to be, my daughter and I were both running around madly trying to get ready, settle the dogs, try not to forget the things we needed to take along with us. Then my daughter suggested that we take a photo, we stopped rushing and got together and focused on getting into the camera shot on her mobile.

I remember distinctly the energy as we took the photo, it was lovely, for a moment we stopped being pulled along with the world and the demands we felt it was making on us (though of course it’s never the actual world, the world knows balance, it is us who create unblance) and we connected, our shared energy was one of love and peace and a moment of pure happiness where neither of us demanded anything from the other except to be present for that brief moment in time, our energies both giving and receiving in perfect harmony.

I think the photo speaks for itself and in years to come we are no longer here on this earth plane this is one of the kind of photos for loved ones to treasure.

So, remember dearhearts, yes today is a gift but in order to receive it you must remember to be present ….