A style of jumper, a lipstick worn
It’s amazing what can make me feel torn
Memories of time all gone by
Truth be told, time really does fly

Images drift through my mind
I honestly know life has been kind
Some warm my heart, some make me sad
but treasured are all, for each one I’m glad

Our time in Maldon at the prom
In front of the TV, a favourite sitcom
Holidays to Crete and also Malta
And all the things you taught my daughter

It’s the little things I remember most
Your black leather gloves, house warm as toast
Family gathered round, Sunday roast
and playing cards, well, you always won most

Your perfect hair do, nails all done
Singing to Gabriella and having fun
Holding me close and hugging me tight
With you here with me, the world was right

But one thing lives on more than anything
To see it again, well my heart would sing
Beauty, poise and full of grace
Its that beautiful smile upon your face


Thinking of you always Mum xx