My Love

My love another year gone by
Another walk, another cry
Another first, corner turned
Another candle flicks and burns

The tears still come just not as often
The pain in my heart yields and softens
My breath returns with every day
I slowly learn to live this way

My soulmate gone, half is missing
But I can’t spend year on year just wishing
So each step forward though my heart does break
A new path in life I forge and take

As I move gently towards my goals
Healing within my heart does flow
And at this point, I turn and look
By my side your place you’ve took

For you walk with me every single day
You comfort and help me in every way
And though I cannot touch you now
I know you will always keep your vow

To love, protect me and keep me safe
To guide me through this difficult place
Until we meet once more above
My best, best boy, my one true love