Too many tears

Too many tears, years gone by
Too many times we’ve wept and cried
As grief evolves causing shifts and change
I sit and stare at my empty page

For now I have no words of sadness
For today my grief has become such gladness
How lucky was I to have you in my life
For my Dad to have had you become his wife

Our family unit so lucky and blessed
Through times and trials we stood every test
The hardest one was letting you go
But we had no choice, was part of lifes flow

You know for sure we will love you always
Hearts filled with joy in so many ways
But now the time comes to celebrate
To give thanks for the memories and not to fate

To feel gladness and gratitude for every moment
For the rose in the garden, your favourite scent
For a game of scrabble, for cards and smiles
For doing your hair, painting nails, nail files

So I sit, light my candle and the flame burns with love
I look up, open my heart and send love up above
Then I smile and feel grateful as joy fills my cup
While I remember Mum and I always look up

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