Mothers day its plain to see
The hardest one ever for me
No card to buy, no shopping done
No present for my beautiful mum

I thank the lord from deapest depths of my heart
That from my memories I’ve not had to part
Each one is a blessing and a curse
They bring both smiles and wounds to nurse

There isn’t a day that has passed me by
That I haven’t wept, that I haven’t cried
There hasn’t been a day gone by
That my heart hasn’t ached as I’ve looked to the sky

I have small reminders that help me through
A cross, a ring, watch that smells of you
The watch is shut in a box so tight
To preserve its scent and help me through some nights

Its amazing what can make me crumble
Simple everyday things, ones that are humble
I was offered a pringle the other day
I burst into tears, knew why, couldn’t say

Today the sun shines strong and light
I reflect for a while, I remember your fight
Its been three months now, how is that possible?
That much time gone by surely isn’t plausible?

So this mothers day, my first, the worst
I shall look to my daughter with pride, fit to burst
The circle of life it does continue
and our family goes on, sharing the love that was within you

Thank you for reading…..