Today I lost my dearest mum
Today the world stood still
Today the sound of silence rang
In the field I felt the chill

Today I lost my dearest mum
Today my tears did flow
Today my heart did shatter
Please mum, no really, oh dont go…

Today I curl and hide myself
How does the world go on?
Today just shouldnt happen
I sit and wonder how to be strong

Then today I found a memory, so perfect and so pure
The day she became an Oma and the sight of her warm glow
Looking down at precious life anew, a love that would endure
Today I understand her pain, it was simply time to go

Today I know she loves me still and never will be far
I hold her in my heart so close within my gapping scar
Today I hold those memories dear and look upon her face
Blessed are those who knew her, I wait to join her in that place

In loving memory
All my love forever Nina xxxx