This grief I know

This grief I know, it comes and goes
It tingles my spine, it curls my toes
It comes to me, out of the blue
and I feel the pain as if it were new

But I am so afraid that it might end
That the feelings I have for my friend
Might lessen, weaken or otherwise dull
What happens if they are reduced or nulled?

Will it mean my memories don’t burn so bright
That the bond we had has taken flight
I cling to it like a raft on water
Harder and stronger than I really ought to

I know time will come when I must let go
By I am not ready yet, this much I know
So until that day my tears still fall
My heart cries out and my soul does call

I miss you boy, but know why you left
Yet life feels empty, my energy bereft
So, until we meet again my special lad
I’ll cling to memories we shared and the love we had