The Hollow

Hollow dark and oh so grim
Twisting, turning, living thing
Expanding, filling space and time
This gaping hole, this grief of mine

Opens wide and sucks things in
Crushes deftly, makes me spin
Claws and maims and gouges out
Binds, releases, strong and stout

It waits, bides time and rushes in
This overwhelming, dangerous thing
It comes from nowhere, pulls me to it
Moving forward takes grace and grit

But everyday I just keep going
My heart and soul, my inner knowing
Tells me you are here with me
I can almost feel you brush my knee

I swear I felt you by my shoulder
I’m sure each day you’re getting bolder
So one day when grief releases grip
In you’ll come, in you’ll slip

To sit right by me once again
my boy, my love, my best, best friend
I wait until you know I’ll cope
I wait and dream and pray and hope

That day comes soon when my heart is ready
We’ll dance again, connected, strong and steady
and remain together until time is done
as energy bound, as whole and one