She Lives On

In scents of Olay, nail lacquer entferner, roasting beef and summer sun.
Pictures of feet up, laid back, rays bronzing legs and peace firmly etched in on her face
In summer ice creams slurped with a wry smile and a cheeky game of cards
Soft hands, long fingers and kindness, never ageing, smiles while I paint her nails enjoying our time and the touch that we share

In curling her hair ready for town, tidying her tousles and taming slept on waves back into style
In time on the sofa with feet on my lap, cushion resting snugly on her tummy, hands wrapped tightly around
In secrets shared with giggles and nudges not just my Mum but also my friend
Of visits to town to grab whats forgotten knowing great tiredness and that the day had been hard, her never ever complaining and never would ask

In pursed lips of defiance having heard something not agreeing, of judging and assuredly knowing shes right, always
Of kindness and worry when all is not as it should be, quietly asking, pushing for truths then guiding her way
In regrets of past actions and celebrations of triumphs and with both understanding that all things will pass

My Mum she lives on in memories that are deeply bound in every day actions, touches and smells
They play as a cine within my head everyday as I go about life, I see the crackles and flickers and reminders of truths in all that is present and I know she lives on