Self Worth

If you asked anyone, “where would you find self worth?”. What do you think the answer would be?

  • Within yourself?
  • Within others?

I think the majority would quite happily declare ‘within yourself’ as the correct answer.

and yet…..

If we are truly honest with ourselves how would we really answer the question “Where do you look for your self worth?”

I know my answer would have to be within others, not just any others either but all the wrong kind of others, those who don’t like me, those who’s little cliques will never let me in, those who value things I do not value, those who do not value the things I value…. this list goes on!

So why then am I looking for them to validate me, to give me a sense of self worth? I logically know I will never receive validation from them and I know they will only serve to damage what self worth I do have as I will never be deemed ‘good enough’ by them so why then do I so desperately search for these things in these places? Why do any of us do this?

Perhaps it is easier? or at least we think it is, for if we are struggling with self worth then to fix that we must look within, something many of us avoid doing. Broken self worth can often be attributed to broken relationships and unpleasant memories and there are not many of us who really want to dredge over those things are there?

But we can also look within and simply try to work on the small stuff, for a start removing the people from your life that affect your self worth badly, if you can’t or don’t want to remove them then just try to set new barriers in relationships. Those things are not terribly painful to do but are small steps on the way to new levels of self worth.

So, what small step can you take today? remember no step is too small because each step is a move forward on a new path to better things…..