A little about why I write….

People often think of empowerment as being strong and untouchable, steaming through life, unstoppable, winning and celebrating. But empowerment is dictionary described as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”.

That means expressing and owning who you are in its entirety.

For me this year, part of that ownership (you may well have noticed) is grief. I have found it hard dealing losing my soulmate Kodibear and I am dealing with it bit by bit every day.

Part of that is the poetry I write, I don’t plan to write but I do generally recognise the moment in which I need to write and then I take a few moments to connect with how I feel and write what I need to. I personally find it a massively helpful and cathartic experience which I first discovered writing my book ‘Beyond The Inner Wall’.

So embrace and own how you feel, you don’t have to share it like I do but you do have to acknowledge it to yourself. The hardest step there is to take is when its an uncomfortable feeling but it i also the most liberating once faced.

Today it marks 7 whole months without Kodi and I felt the need to write, so todays poem I wrote was THE HOLLOW