My Mum – A year gone by

Fireworks comes but once a year
Excited children full of cheer
Looking forward to noise and bright, bright colour
A time of year unlike no other

For me this year the time has changed
Memories and thoughts rearranged
When rockets sore and squeal up high
My sadness deepens and heart does cry

A year ago I kissed her cheek
Full of beauty but heart now weak
Her slender hand with perfect nails
My emotions tumble and feelings flail

I remember how my heart did ache
Time moved on, earthly cords did break
It was time for mum to find her peace
For physical presence with us to cease

And so this year when I stand alone
I remember her strength, her will, her tone
As she turns to me, kind eyes close up
I will remember her words ‘Always look up’

Gone but never ever forgotten, my inspiration, my guardian, my Mum
“Schlaf nun selig und süß, schau im Traum ’s Paradies”