Everything comes at a price

At first glance this post may seem anything but a spiritual one but it is in fact one of the most important messages on your journey “Everything comes at a price”.

Most people think immediately in monentary or spiritual terms but there are lots of other ways to pay for things in life, energy, freedom, spirituality, time, happiness, dignity, honour, this list is endless.

So what is the point of my post I hear you wondering?

Its that you stop and think, can you afford the price you are going to pay? are you willing to really pay that price? Is it worth every metaphorical penny you will need to part with? will the price see you in debt and is it something you are willing to pay back?

When talking in terms of debt I dont simply mean repaying a favour that someone has done. We all have our own little piggy banks in life, imagine each facet of your life labelled up on a jar and as we go through life we drop coins in those jars. For example our spiritual savings are built by doing things that nourish us such as meditating, a walk in nature, baking, reading, whatever fills your jar.

Each of us only invests so many pennies and we only have so much to spend before we are left feeling spent!

Every interaction you have every single day is a transaction that involves those lovely savings pots of yours. Even the most insignificant of things such as passing someone on the street will either add to the jar (for instance via a received smile or hello that makes you feel happy or smile back) or remove from it (perhaps you say hello and are ignored or receive a grumpy or blank face as you pass).

Some transactions are small such as the one mentioned below and some are large such as perhaps a favour from a friend (I tend to find the emotional transactions the most costly but you may find different i.e. health transactions etc).

Sometimes the price isnt always obvious as the person or situation is not honestly displaying the price tag when entering into a transaction i.e. a favour where expectations on one side havent been outlined clearly before the ‘gift/favour’ was taken up.

By the same token sometimes we cannot see the payout in advance, a small favour reaping big rewards.

In addition to all the above, dont forget that you are also responsible for these transactions and sometimes will be the one who has forgot to clearly display a price tag, it happens to all of us, most of us never set out to dupe anyone and misunderstandings occur.

What the bottom line is though is be aware of your everyday interactions and look at those jars, are they full or empty? How can you fill them if they are empty? Can you change your interactions?